Stop chickening out on your big dreams and make a realistic plan for becoming a full time entrepreneur. 

You’re ready to make your own rules, choose your own schedule, work with clients you love, and do work that lights you up every single day.

You’re obsessed with entrepreneurship, and the possibility of being your own boss, but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it happen for yourself in a sustainable way that doesn't make you feel like either a sleaze or a ball of nerves -- or let's be real: both.

You find yourself thinking about quitting the dream altogether. "Maybe I just don't have what it takes?" "Maybe I'm not cut out for entrepreneurship?"  "Maybe this job should just be enough?" But you can't shake the feeling that you're meant for more.

You wish there was a way to grow your business with more ease, using strategies that feel aligned with YOU, not by following a hundred-miles-long checklist some business coach/Instagram model insists is THE way to "6 figures fast." Because ugh...

You're ready to become your own boss, with a unique, sustainable plan that actually works for you and still lets you have a life too.

You're ready to grow a sustainable business you love and make a real plan to quit - that doesn't burn you out while you're still working full time.

Hey, I’ve been there too! I grew my business while working my demanding full-time job - while still keeping my Netflix habit too (really!)

Hi! I'm Stacie!

I built my business to ~$5k months in 10-15 hours a week in less than a year - while still working my demanding full time job.  Now I know….$5k might not seem like a dream figure when you see all the influencers talking about their millions. But here’s the thing: I'm all about honesty, integrity, and transparency.

I've since grown my business (in 25-30 hours a week!) to almost match the ~6 figure corporate paycheck I walked away from in early 2021- and within the first few months of full-time entrepreneurship!

Now I help women build sustainable businesses they love, so they can quit their jobs and enjoy their freedom from the rat race. I help them simplify their businesses, stop spinning in shiny object syndrome and overwhelm, and easily stay consistent so they can grow their income and make realistic plans for quitting.



I don't just help you grow your business.

I help you fall in love with growing your business.

I still remember sitting on a bench in NYC during my lunch break. I was on the phone with my Mom and talking about my dreams of being an entrepreneur and life coach.

This was back in 2012. I knew way back then I wanted to be my own boss. And I chickened out.

Instead of going after this dream, I did what every people pleasing, never-breaks-the-rules “good girl” does: I used my Master’s degree in Counseling to settle for the “almost-what-you-want” alternative of being a career coach for colleges and universities.

And that worked...for a little while. But I still had this deep longing inside me that I was meant to do more, that I was called to do more. It was the tiniest voice that whispered to me every time I’d get voluntold for a stupid project or when I had to wake up at 5:30 am to get to work on time. “Maybe there’s another way...”

just a dream

my story: From Big "Chicken" to CEO

still wanting more

When I was moving back to the States after a two year career coaching stint in Abu Dhabi in 2016, I decided to go for it.

I built a website, created my social media pages...and I chickened out.

Instead, I took another job and settled into my new work of handling the logistics and planning of leadership development programs. And again, that was okay...for a while.

But I started to feel itchy. I wanted more. I really wanted to be my own boss. I started studying digital marketing. But I chickened out.


Instead of going for my soul’s deepest desire of being a coach and entrepreneur, I went for a promotion instead.

It’s embarrassing to admit now, but I thought the status and extra money might help me forget about my dreams. I thought it’d make life easier, and thus, I’d be happier.

The big reveal you all knew was coming: It didn’t make me happier.

In fact, I burned out. HARD.

And I found myself crying on the phone with a career coach, wondering what the heck was wrong with me.

It took working with that career coach for me to finally fully embrace my big dream of being a coach and entrepreneur.

I “graduated” from that career coaching program in May of 2019, enrolled in coach training in August of 2019, and went all in on the dream -- all while still working my demanding 9-to-5 job.


Throughout that time, I began to heal from burnout, and I decided to focus my new coaching business around helping others heal from burnout too.

My specialty was helping my clients love their work again - whether in their jobs or their businesses. And it came from me learning how to enjoy my 9-to-5 - the very same job that had burned me out - while I was building my business on the side.

And what I found: When I stopped hating and resisting my job, I had so much more energy to focus on building my business. This is now a HUGE part of coaching my clients to build businesses with their full time jobs - it makes it SO MUCH easier!

Throughout this process, I was able to set super strong boundaries at work, stop worrying about work after 5 pm or on weekends, and consistently give 10-15 hours a week to my coaching business without feeling totally exhausted by it. I’ll be honest: It felt like a miracle!

With this approach of consistently working 10-15 hours a week (with occasional weeks off too), I went from making $107 in January 2020 to making $6k+ in December 2020, with income growth all throughout the year.

The demand for my coaching was rising, and I knew it was time to quit my job when I couldn’t handle the demand in 10-15 hours a week anymore. I was finally ready to be my own boss. 

quitting my "good" job

Now, I make that sound like it was an easy decision to quit -- it wasn’t.

I had to be coached HARD to come to terms with quitting my job. I made good money, and I worked with amazing people. I had great benefits. And even though my income was growing and I felt much more confident as an entrepreneur and coach, I was still REALLY scared.

I was scared of failing and what it would mean. I was scared I couldn’t support my family. I was scared I’d never make as much money as I was making in my job. I was scared I’d have to give up and get another job later on. I was scared I might not have what it takes.

But I also just decided it was time for me: I had a plan and savings. I had consistent business income. I was ready to quit. And this time, I didn't chicken out.

Around this time, I also realized that about so many of my clients would end up saying that they really wanted to be entrepreneurs in our coaching sessions.

They were ready to be free from corporate rules. They wanted to follow their own calling and set their own schedules and experience a new level of freedom and impact.

And I knew by the strong excitement I’d feel during those sessions that THIS was where I wanted to focus: Helping women like me figure this whole entrepreneurship thing out, by helping them design a sustainable, realistic, and FUN (*gasp!*) plan for business growth and preparing them for the realities (and amazingness!) of full-time entrepreneurship.

my mission

I began taking on business mentoring clients, helping them simplify their businesses and create their unique approach to growing a sustainable, aligned business.  And I shifted my coaching business to focus solely on this work of helping employees transform into entrepreneurs -- with all the strategy, mindset work, and healing that transformation entails.

I’m a different kind of business coach and mentor. I help my clients grow their businesses with a focus on integrity, ethics, following their own values, and breaking free from the hustle and burnout culture that tends to come with entrepreneurship. Because it's not really about building a successful business and quitting your job. It's about creating a life you absolutely ADORE, doing work you love, and having the FREEDOM that comes from being your own boss.

I don’t believe in “6 figure formulas” and “5 figure launch secrets” that aren’t really secrets at all. And I don’t believe you can build a profitable online business overnight; it takes time and consistency.

I believe you already have what you need, you just need a little guidance. YOU are the secret. No more cookie-cutter approaches, slimy tactics, or one-size-fits-all approaches.

I work with my clients to create individualized roadmaps to build online businesses that work for them -- and for their current schedules -- while designing realistic plans for leaving their jobs. And I love this work!

If you feel inspired or intrigued, I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you build a business you love and making a legit plan to leave your 9-to-5, check out my Work With Me page or join my free community.

I discovered how amazing it is to know that you can still get what you want without feeling like a zombie in the process.

I also learned that your hard work means absolutely nothing if you can never even enjoy the rewards of it. What’s the point of working so hard if it gives you zero satisfaction and leaves you feeling fried?

I also learned that work is just one component of my life, and not even the most important one. And most importantly, I learned that I have control of my work life. Period. 

What would happen if you didn’t have to white-knuckle through it all? What if NOW is all you really get? Don’t you want to enjoy it?

If you want to stop obsessing, stressing, and burning out in your work - whether it's in your business or in your career - let’s work together! You can get out of the cycle of burnout and love the life you have NOW - even if you're ready for something new.

When it all started to shift...

You really want to know more? Lemme give you the lowdown. 

If the quote above didn't tip you off, I'm a huge 80s fan - the music, the movies - all of it. But clearly, that's not really why you're here.

"You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go!"
- Ferris Bueller

More About Me

How I realized I am far more than just my work and escaped my burnout...

I started to realize I had a problem when I kept chasing, grasping, and striving for goals I really didn't care about. It was like I couldn't help it. If I thought it would "look good" or that it would bring respect (i.e. love), I would jump at the chance. Add to that a solid dose of "good girl syndrome", and I could never be sure what I actually wanted for myself or my career. All I knew was that it felt impossible to just be happy with my life. I was using fear to fuel my choices, and it was NOT working.

You don't just want a business.

You want a life you can only dream of now.

Freedom, silliness, bringing your authentic self to your work, more time with family & friends, and having full control of your life.

I kept going so I could spend all day with my dog (the Danny to my Sandy).

I kept going so I could wake up without an alarm.

I kept going so I could NEVER burn out again.

My goal as a coach is to keep you focused on the deeper why: It's not about quitting your job, it's about redesigning your life.

I help you focus on the real goal of entrepreneurship:

While coaching with me, you can expect to:
-Find clarity around what you want and how to get it
-Identify and rewrite limiting or destructive stories and beliefs
-Overcome limiting behaviors like people pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination
- Gain deeper clarity on who you want to be in the world and in your business
- Be asked powerful questions that could change your world view 
- Be deeply listened to and supported without judgement
- Be gently challenged to gain better self-awareness
- Work through fear and take imperfect action
-Get what you really want for your life and your business

We will conduct our coaching sessions via Zoom video calls.

I'm a Professional Life Coach & Business Mentor, trained at Raleigh Coaching Academy, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  I also have a Master's degree in Counseling from Hofstra University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from WTAMU, as well as 8+ years of coaching experience. I've also invested $20k+ in business programs and training.  All this to say:  I LOVE this stuff!

When I'm your coach, you have a safe place to bring your dreams, your fears, and your most authentic self. Using the Creation Coaching Model, developed by Master Authentic Leadership Coach and my own coach trainer Kathleen O'Grady, we dig deep to find clarity, set powerful intentions, overcome your fears, and take action to build a business you love that doesn't burn you out.


If you've never had a coach before, it can be hard to know what it's really all about. You might be asking yourself, "What even happens in coaching?" Let me tell you: it's a bit like magic. 

our coaching relationship

what it means to choose ME as your coach