Stop chickening out on your big dream of
being a successful coach.

You’re a GREAT coach and you love coaching your clients. But your business -- and let’s be real, your INCOME -- doesn’t reflect that love right now.

Coaching is your calling, but if you’re being honest, you haven’t found a way to be consistent with the business side of it. You bring in a few clients here and there who rave about you, but you don’t have the BIG success all the fancy-shmancy coaches on Instagram brag about. You know the ones - with the super white teeth and fancy cars who #girlboss all over you in the DMs? Yeah, those coaches. *shudder*

And you don’t even really WANT that. You just want to serve your people deeply and support yourself and your family. You want to COACH, but you can’t figure out how to stay consistent, get consistent clients, and make a consistent enough income to support your real life.

You got into coaching with a deep fire in your belly, and you’re done with dabbling and half-hearted attempts to really make it work. But you also don’t want the “secrets” and “formulas” that aren’t really secrets at all. You’re done with believing there is a magic pill for overnight success.

You’re ready to be the consistent coach. The coach who gets clear, gets consistent, and gets clients on repeat with ease through the simple, proven "magic" of consistency over time.

My clients call me the "Yoda of Consistency"
 for a reason...

Hey, I’ve been there too, and I quit my almost 6 figure job in January 2021 to be a full time coach and entrepreneur…

Hi! I'm Stacie!

I spent years dabbling in my coaching business until I finally went all in, stayed consistent working just 10-15 hours a week -- for just over a year -- and grew the business to ~$5-6k months.

Now I help other coaches simplify their businesses and up-level their mindset so they can easily stay consistent -- the not-so-sexy secret to success. I help my clients get clear, get consistent, get clients, and stop spinning in shiny object syndrome and overwhelm, so they can create consistent income and focus on the work they really love doing: coaching.



I don't just help you grow your coaching business.

I help you fall in love with growing your coaching business.

I still remember sitting on a bench in NYC during my lunch break. I was on the phone with my Mom and talking about my dreams of being an entrepreneur and life coach.

This was back in 2012. I knew way back then I wanted to be my own boss. And I chickened out.

Instead of going after this dream, I did what every people pleasing, never-breaks-the-rules “good girl” does: I used my Master’s degree in Counseling to settle for the “almost-what-you-want” alternative of being a career coach for colleges and universities.

And that worked...for a little while. But I still had this deep longing inside me that I was meant to do more, that I was called to do more. It was the tiniest voice that whispered to me every time I’d get voluntold for a stupid project or when I had to wake up at 5:30 am to get to work on time. “Maybe there’s another way...”

just a dream

my story: From Big "Chicken" to CEO + Coach

still wanting more

When I was moving back to the States after a two year career coaching stint in Abu Dhabi in 2016, I decided to go for it.

I built a website, created my social media pages...and I chickened out.

Instead, I took another job and settled into my new work of managing logistics for leadership development programs.

And again, that was okay...for a while. But I secretly started studying digital marketing and online business. I realized I LOVED marketing, but I had no idea how important all of that would end up being at the time.

I wanted more. But I chickened out.

The BIG BREAKTHROUGH: My committment

Instead of going for my soul’s deepest desire of being a coach and entrepreneur, I went for a promotion instead.

It’s embarrassing to admit now, but I thought the status and extra money might help me forget about my dreams. I thought it’d make life easier, and thus, I’d be happier.

The big reveal you all knew was coming: It didn’t make me happier.

It took that ‘failed’ promotion to finally fully embrace my big dream of being a coach and entrepreneur. I stopped dabbling with my dream and went all in.

I enrolled in life coach training in August of 2019 and fully committed to making the dream happen -- all while still working my demanding 9-to-5 job. And this time, I didn't chicken out.


Throughout that time, I began to heal the burnout from my job, and I decided to focus my new coaching business around helping others heal from burnout too.

And what I found: When I stopped trying so hard to make my business successful overnight, and instead focused on being CONSISTENT every week by committing to less and letting it be business exploded.

Throughout this process, I consistently worked 10-15 hours a week in my coaching business without feeling totally exhausted by it. I’ll be honest: It felt like a miracle!

With this approach of consistently working 10-15 hours a week (with occasional weeks off too), I went from making $107 in January 2020 to making $6k+in December 2020, with income growth all throughout the year.

I realized I’d stumbled onto something no one else was talking about: the power of simplicity and consistency. And I realized that I’d unintentionally created a framework that is backed by neuroscience and habit-building to easily grow a coaching business: The Consistent Coach Method™.

The demand for my coaching was rising, and I knew it was time to quit my job when I couldn’t handle the demand in just 10-15 hours a week anymore. I quit my almost 6 figure job in January 2021 and had my first $9k month in March 2021 -- while working 25-30 hours a week.

The secret ingredient: consistency

When I switched from burnout coaching and began helping other coaches with their businesses, I kept seeing the same patterns over and over again:

--The coach that HATES the business side of coaching -- and thus doesn’t have a rock-solid business foundation -- and can’t easily attract clients because of it. They have an inconsistent message, inconsistent offers, and inconsistent marketing. And of course the result: inconsistent clients.
--The coach that is impatient to make it work FAST. They try all the programs, strategies, and formulas...and find themselves in a cycle of overwork and exhaustion. They feel like nothing is ever going to work. They’re also inconsistent, and of course, get inconsistent clients.

I organically came upon The Consistent Coach Method™ after working with many coaches 1:1 and realizing two things:
--Most coaches are missing a piece of the foundational puzzle of business: their entrepreneurial mindset (the MOST important part!!!), their niche and messaging, their offer, their marketing strategies. Something isn’t quite right, and because of that, it’s hard for them to gain traction.
--Most coaches aren’t able to stay consistent with their marketing because it’s far too complicated and overwhelming. They’ve taken on all kinds of weird marketing rules that just don’t work for their businesses, and because marketing feels so hard, they can’t stay consistent.

This is why my strategy is focused on helping coaches simplify while supercharging their business foundations and marketing: so they can easily stay consistent -- THE secret to success! A consistent coach gets consistent growth, consistent clients, and consistent income.

Consistency isn’t sexy, but it’s the easiest way to grow your coaching business. And neuroscience proves it: staying consistent over time makes your marketing strategy easier, using the power of routine and habit! Your business strategies can become almost as easy and routine as brushing your teeth every day, I mean it.

Consistency is my mission

I’m a different kind of business mentor. I help my clients grow their coaching businesses with a focus on integrity, ethics, following their own values, and breaking free from the hustle and burnout culture that tends to come with entrepreneurship.

I don’t believe in “6 figure formulas” and “5 figure launch secrets” that aren’t really secrets at all. And I don’t believe you can build a profitable coaching business overnight; it takes time, consistency, and a heck-of-a-lotta mindset work. And anyone who claims otherwise is trying to make lots of money off of those false promises!

I believe you already have what you need, you just need a little guidance. YOU are the secret. No more cookie-cutter approaches, slimy tactics, or one-size-fits-all approaches.

I help my clients easily stay consistent using The Consistent Coach™ Method, a framework based on the power of mindset work, habit building, essentialism, and neuroscience. And I love this work!

But Why Trust me?

There’s a reason my approach is based on the principles of neuroplasticity,  essentialism, and mindset work; I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from WTAMU and a Master’s in Counseling from Hofstra University. I’m also a professional life coach who trained at Raleigh Coaching Academy and have several certifications in career coaching and assessments.

On top of that, I’ve been studying digital marketing since 2016, including a small group mastermind experience where I studied sales funnels, ads, copywriting...all the things I use to help you solidify your business foundations and create a simple but solid marketing plan. Bottom line: I love marketing so you don’t have to!

If you feel inspired or intrigued, I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you simplify and supercharge your coaching business and make it super easy to stay consistent, check out my Work With Me Page or join my free community.

I discovered how amazing it is to know that you can still get what you want without feeling like a zombie in the process.

I also learned that your hard work means absolutely nothing if you can never even enjoy the rewards of it. What’s the point of working so hard if it gives you zero satisfaction and leaves you feeling fried?

I also learned that work is just one component of my life, and not even the most important one. And most importantly, I learned that I have control of my work life. Period. 

What would happen if you didn’t have to white-knuckle through it all? What if NOW is all you really get? Don’t you want to enjoy it?

If you want to stop obsessing, stressing, and burning out in your work - whether it's in your business or in your career - let’s work together! You can get out of the cycle of burnout and love the life you have NOW - even if you're ready for something new.

When it all started to shift...

You really want to know more? Lemme give you the lowdown. 

If the quote above didn't tip you off, I'm a huge 80s fan - the music, the movies - all of it. But clearly, that's not really why you're here.

"You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go!"
- Ferris Bueller

More About Me

How I realized I am far more than just my work and escaped my burnout...

I started to realize I had a problem when I kept chasing, grasping, and striving for goals I really didn't care about. It was like I couldn't help it. If I thought it would "look good" or that it would bring respect (i.e. love), I would jump at the chance. Add to that a solid dose of "good girl syndrome", and I could never be sure what I actually wanted for myself or my career. All I knew was that it felt impossible to just be happy with my life. I was using fear to fuel my choices, and it was NOT working.