You are never ever, ever getting back together!

You are so tired of working so dang hard and just feeling "blah" about your work.

You keep hatching new escape plans for how to get out of your job or your business. "What if I become an influencer -- how hard is that really?"  "Maybe I could move to Thailand or something?" But you know that's not the right answer.

You struggle to rest and relax, even when you know it’s what you need. Your brain feels fuzzy and fried, but who can rest when there’s still so much to get done?

You're really tired but you just want to do one more little thing…’s way past your bedtime now.

You love checking things off your to-do list and making things happen, but it sometimes feels like you’re never really getting anywhere. You never feel like you can enjoy what you already have.

There's always more to do, and every time you seem to gain traction, more falls into your lap. It feels like you're buried in an avalanche of work. And're just over it and ready to quit some days.

But there’s so much you want for your life, and it feels like you’re running out of time to do it. You feel like you’re in a race you’ll never win. 

And while you used to love your work, you're fighting to keep the passion alive. You're ready to figure out how work can support your life - instead of squeezing the life out of you.

You just can't keep up this pace much longer.

Break Up with Burnout

Are you ready to get your spark back?

Imagine what it’d feel like to be excited about your work again. To look forward to Monday mornings instead of dealing with the Sunday scaries.

What if you didn't have to work so hard? What if everything didn't have to feel so stressful and overwhelming?

You’re rested. You’re relaxed. You’re in charge of your to-do list and feeling more confident than you have in years.

You feel satisfied with your life right now, even if you decide you're ready for something new.  

This time around, you enjoy your work, but you leave work at work.

You still find time for friends, for rest, for fun, and for taking care of yourself.  

You feel empowered to set boundaries at work - no more late night emails, calls, or projects - without all the guilt.

And you feel more productive and successful than you have in years - without working crazy hours and without burning out.

You know exactly where to put your focus each day, so that when you stop working, you’ve made real, tangible progress towards what’s important to you.

You focus on the results you really want and the projects that actually make an impact. 

Whether you’re growing your business, or trying to move up or change your career, you have more balance, more fun, and more rest while doing it.

You enjoy your life today - no more stress and overwhelm - while you decide whether it's time to do something new.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty:

-You've lost your excitement about work. You may have liked your job or your business in the beginning, but now it feels like a chore. You resent it and you're not sure what to do next. 
-Your to-do list feels out of control and overwhelming. You can never decide on what’s actually important. It all feels important, and you spend your days running around trying to put out fires instead of getting the real work done.
-You keep fantasizing about quitting. But you know that won't fix the underlying problem.
-You compare yourself to others and always seem to come up short. How come they make it look so easy when you feel so bad?
-It feels like nothing you do is ever good enough. As soon as you finish a big project, you’re on to the next one. It’s exhausting, but it’s like you can’t even help it. And sometimes you even resent what you once worked so hard for. 

That's where I come in! I help high achieving women overcome burnout and get clear on what they want for their career or business, so they can find the fulfillment and success they want -- without all the stress and hustle. You’ll learn exactly the things you need to do to stop working all the dang time and start enjoying what you already have, all while still making progress towards what's next.

As a result of this program, you will:

-Feel better NOW while you're figuring out what's next. You can feel less stressed and burned out before you ever leave your job or business.

-Get to the root of what caused your burnout - so it doesn't happen again. You'll break free from the burnout cycle you're stuck in.

-Overcome overwhelm by getting super clear on your priorities at work and managing your schedule like a pro.

-Learn how to start being productive instead of just being busy. You’ll get better results in less time, and with less stress and hustle.


The program

Getting to the Root of  Burnout and Overwork
With a simple assessment and a powerful journaling exercise, you’ll discover the deep-rooted beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck in burnout. You'll get super clear on what's most important to you right now, so you can use the power of focus to achieve big results in less time. 

Break Up With Burnout Deep Dive Coaching:

In this 60 minute session, we’ll discuss the results of your prework, so we can create a customized plan for overcoming burnout fast. You’ll get clear on what shifts you can make, so you can start feeling like yourself again and figure out whether it’s time to love or leave your current job or business. 

Your Burnout Break Up Plan:
You’ll receive a 30 day calendar of how to implement specific strategies for healing your burnout without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, you’ll receive a list of specific resources to help keep you on track, like podcast episodes, articles, and periodic email check-ins aligned with your plan. You’ll know exactly what to do and when, and you’ll get extra support right when you need it most.

Buh-Bye Burnout Check-in: 
Two weeks into your 30 day plan, we’ll check in to see how the strategies are helping, and we’ll adjust your plan as needed to ensure the strategies are having their biggest impact on your burnout. Whether you've decided it's time for a new career or you'd like to stay where you are, you’ll leave the session with clarity on exactly what to do to kick burnout’s butt over the long-term.

You can finally overcome the exhaustion, overwork, and mental fogginess that comes with burnout. I can help you get on the path to loving your work again!

Investment: $99 USD

What it Includes

I started to realize I had a problem when I kept chasing, grasping, and striving for goals I really didn't care about. It was like I couldn't help it. If I thought it would "look good" or that it would bring respect (i.e. love), I would jump at the chance.  Add to that a solid dose of  "good girl syndrome", and I could never be sure what I actually wanted for myself. All I knew was that it felt impossible to  just be happy with my life. I was using anxiety and worry to fuel my life choices, and it was NOT working.

During my own coaching, I was asked, "Who would you be without your goals?", and I couldn't answer the question. It lingered with me for days unanswered. Now I work with  women like me who struggle with high functioning anxiety. I help you calm down, overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors, and live your most courageous life.

How I realized I am far more than my goals and achievements...

You really want to know more? Lemme give you the lowdown. 

If the quote above didn't tip you off, I'm a huge 80s fan - the music, movies - all of it. But clearly, that's not really why you're here.

Let's start from the beginning? (Well, maybe not the very beginning). 

I'm married to my best friend and college sweetheart, and we have the best little mini Aussie in the world (I'm not biased or anything!). We're childfree by choice (Gasp! Here's to owning my authentic choices and being brave enough to share them!), and we love to travel the world together.

"You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go!"
- Ferris Bueller

More About Me

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You'll have your one-on-one coaching session with me, and you’ll be on your way to feeling better asap and breaking up with your burnout (you are never, ever, ever getting back together!) You'll walk away with a specific, individualized plan, and we'll schedule a 30 minute follow-up call to ensure you're getting great results.

Step 3

Grace Beason, Relationship Coach

"Thanks to Stacie's thoughtful and experienced coaching, I have been able to move forward with a new career with much less fear and worry than I would have otherwise felt. Her bright smile, calm demeanor, and mindful, heartfelt approach creates a wonderful, safe space where you feel heard, empowered, bolstered, and loved."

Rebecca Levine,
Event Planner

Stacie meets you where you are - and believes each individual is meant to be great in our own way. What I learned is that the answers have been with me all along, I just didn't know where to look. Stacie helped me dig deep and come out stronger. In just ONE MONTH of working with Stacie, I went went from exhausting a lot of energy trying to prove myself to owning that I AM an event planner.  I feel that confidence everywhere I go now and no longer need to prove myself. And I got my dream job offer!

Kristianna George,
Wellness Coach

"Working with Stacie was life-giving! She was able to help me go from overwhelmed and confused to calm and focused. I went from working my 9-5 in marketing to taking the leap into being a wellness coach and she helped make that a reality. I originally wanted to work with her because I needed someone to help me go after what I wanted without the hustle and burnout - and she was the perfect one to guide me through it. I encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and burned out and is looking for clarity and focus to connect with Stacie. It's an investment in yourself and your passions and peace of mind - you really can't put a price on that! Your future self will thank you.