The Coaching Cocoon

What happens when you create your own drool-worthy signature program and a unique-to-you marketing plan to sell it?


You are BEYOND ready to have a booked-out coaching business.

You’re tired of doing #allthethings in your coaching business, and still not gaining traction. You know it’s possible to make money as a coach; you see the real-life examples. But you’re feeling frustrated that you haven’t cracked the “how to get consistent clients'' code yet, despite trying really freaking hard to figure it out.

You’re stuck in a pinball machine of overwhelm: Trying one strategy, then another, then another, changing your niche and your program a million times, then having to take a break because it feels SO much harder than it should. Why didn’t anyone warn you about this in coach training?

It feels like nothing is working, you’ve tried literally everything every expert says to do, and you can’t figure out why you don’t have more clients already. You know you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, but you're more confused with every webinar you watch and podcast you listen to.

In the words of my client:
You'll have “Consults coming out of your ears!” 


You got into this work so you could deeply serve your clients, so you could facilitate transformation, and instead you find yourself feeling pressured to dance on Instagram reels and wondering, “Is THIS what it’s going to take??”

You’re sick of seeing coaches with less experience have BIG success. What do they have that you don’t? Your clients get amazing results, but you can’t seem to sign ENOUGH clients to make a consistent, “pays for more than just my Starbucks and Target habit” income.

You know that something important is missing in your coaching business, and you’re ready for high-touch coaching, exactly-what-you-need training and exercises, and a supportive-as-The-Golden-Girls community to figure out your unique path to success, once and for all.

You just want to coach and make a good living at it. 

Because I'm a "stranger on the internet", here's some proof!

And don't  worry - there's more below!

Here’s what I see most coaches doing before they work with me:

Trying to do ALL the things to make their businesses grow faster: multiple offers, multiple marketing strategies, chasing every shiny object and "secret" strategy. What tends to happen is that you get frustrated and tired, have to hit pause, and then come back again and recommit later. This start-and-stop cycle stunts your growth in the long-term and burns you out.

Your efforts
are diluted!

This is the “if you build it, they will come" approach one is coming. You’re the coach that just hates marketing. You want to coach, but you didn’t sign up for the rest of this, right? Or maybe you're just SO focused on coaching that you forget to market yourself and wind up with zero clients every few months? Yep,  I see you!

Inconsistent marketing = inconsistent

How my approach is different:

When you’re really clear on what problems you help your clients solve -
When you create ONE signature program to help solve this problem -
When you commit to a streamlined, simple marketing plan, based on your unique strengths -
your time and energy go so much further than before.

The Coaching Cocoon helps you create your signature program - that your clients just gotta have - PLUS a way to market it that feels easy peasy lemon squeezy for you.

Your time and energy go so much further!

Citation: My framework is influenced by Essentialism (which might make a couple of the above images familiar to you, and I want to give credit where credit is due!), minimalism, and the principles of habit-building based on neuroscience.

You can book out your coaching business without burnout, without spinning your wheels, and without doing anything that feels grimy or slimy. Because you shouldn’t have to take a shower after marketing your business, am I right?!?

Can I get a drum roll please?!?

6 months of intimate group coaching with high touch support and community to help you build a simple, sustainable coaching business holistically designed for you.

This is how we do it!

Let me in the cocoon already!!!

"It's Friday night and I feel all right" - it's not just me singing, right?!

Six months of course content and exercises

Designed to holistically shape your business from your values, your skills, and your strengths, so it’s profitable AND sustainable for you.

Two ~2 hour group coaching calls a month

Held  via Zoom, with a max of 8 coaches per call. This allows everyone 15 minutes of dedicated 1:1 coaching time on every call, where we can dig into mindset or strategy and uncover your individual approach.

Monthly office hours

Yep, you get even MORE live time with me every month for quick questions and feedback. Or you can use office hours as coworking time to hop on for some extra accountability and get more shiz done in your biz!

An online community for even more support

Where you can come to ask questions between coaching sessions and get support and feedback from your Cocoon friends. And it’s not on Facebook so you can’t be sucked into doom scrolling!

How do I know? Because I did the dang thing and
quit my "good" ~6 figure job for my coaching business!

I built my business to ~$5-6k months in 15 hours a week in less than a year - while still working my demanding full time job. The reason I hit $5k months so quickly?  I stopped trying to copy what other coaches were doing and designed my own “formula” for success -- exactly what I teach you how to do in the Cocoon!

With 11 years of experience coaching and 5 years of experience studying digital marketing, I help other coaches create their signature program and their strengths-based marketing plans to book out their coaching businesses. In fact, I've helped several coaches book out their businesses in 2021 in just 6 months using my 5 C framework!



But what do my actual clients say?
Watch and find out!

I'm sold! Let me in!

Cliff notes for my "I'd rather read it" folks:

Julie came to me because she wanted what most coaches want: more clients! But she hated the traditional methods of cold DMs, posting on social media constantly, and she didn’t want to work with the “luxury” coaches that felt completely removed from her own reality.

Through our time together, Julie got clearer on the exact problems her clients wanted solved and narrowed down her niche, making it much easier to connect with her ideal clients.

She created a signature program which gives her a more sustainable, consistent income and schedule while raising her prices. She got rid of the "pay per session" business model and serves her clients even better now!

We evaluated her marketing strategies and she began to focus on what was already working and what she enjoys most, which allowed her to stop putting all of her time and energy into social media.

And the big reveal : Julie became fully booked for the next SEVEN months when we finished coaching together.

I can't recommend Stacie enough. When I started coaching with Stacie I had no real audience and no confidence in marketing myself. I was overwhelmed and my marketing strategy felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Stacie helped me to get out of my own way and stop over complicating.

In our 5 months together I launched a new program, started a podcast and grew a Facebook Community to over 200 members. I would never have believed that all this was possible for me in just 5 months. 

Laura Ann Dunn, Coach for Social Workers

I first signed up for 3 months of mentorship, and after three months I realized I really needed three months more! I signed up for that second 3 months without delay, because I knew the spend was absolutely worth it.

In 3 months, my business foundations were in a really good place, my mindset wasn't. I was impatient. But Stacie helped me stay calm and consistent, and to keep going.  By the end of my full 6 months coaching with Stacie, I'm fully booked with clients. My biggest challenge right now is balancing my own schedule to make sure I don't take on too much! 

Maggie Supernova, Burnout Coach

Stacie helped me to regain confidence in myself and the message I want to bring in this world as a coach. After working only one month working with Stacie, my niche was clearer than ever!

After that, I sold in two weeks’ time THREE programs at a price I could never imagine asking before. I also updated my website - something I'd been putting off for a few years because I just couldn't find my "true voice."

It's incredible what I've accomplished in such a short time working with her!

Julie Stevigny, Stress Coach

This program has been exactly what I've need to get super clear on my offer and really come to believe that doing less is more! It's only been a few months, but there has been so much growth.

Since 2019 when I got my coaching certification, I've struggled to develop a signature program and feel really good about it. This of course takes time, but the questions Stacie has asked in the modules has made it really simple for me to get clear on what I want, what clients want, and how to share it in an program.

Emma, Health and Wellness Coach

Before finding Stacie, I was burned-out, directionless, powerless and choiceless.

In 4 months of working with her I no longer feel burned out, I am building my coaching business, and I am crystal clear on who is it that I want to serve and how to get there.

Stacie shows up for me every single time with the same commitment and dedication and I have never been more driven to
realize my dreams.

Mihaela, Money Mindset Coach

Working with Stacie was life-giving! She was able to help me go from overwhelmed and confused to calm and focused.

I went from working my 9-5 in marketing to transitioning into being a wellness coach, and she helped make that a reality. I encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and looking for clarity and focus to connect with Stacie.

It's an investment in yourself and your passions and peace of mind - you really can't put a price on that! Your future self will thank you.

Kristianna George, Wellness Coach

From our first call, Stacie was very focused on helping me identify my interests and narrow my strengths, providing compassionate support, while also holding me accountable for progress.

I had too many ideas for planning my side hustle, and I felt very overwhelmed and confused about where to begin. Over the course of our coaching sessions, Stacie helped me find clarity in my business, connect my strengths to my values and passions, and helped me create a plan to take action. I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone looking for this kind of support!

Nick Rathbone, Career Coach

Working with Stacie was exactly what I needed to get unstuck, focused and back on track with my business.

With Stacie's help I was able to learn how to be consistent, it sounds easy to do, but after years of working hard I realize this was probably the biggest thing holding me back. I was able to get focused on priorities and showing up daily made a huge difference in sales. I set boundaries that allowed this consistency to be less work than I thought and as a result conversion rates skyrocketed.

Jen Scully

Working with Stacie was very high touch and she ALWAYS used the experiences that I went through in my business as an opportunity to guide me. She was exactly what I needed. Now, I feel like I actually have a sustainable business that can lead me to my goal of 10k months! 

Stacie did everything to help make my business thrive and I accomplished so much during our time working together!

Meghan A.

When I've discovered Stacie on Instagram I knew I wanted to work with her and learn from her because she has so much integrity and her approach is very kind & authentic. 

Before Stacie, I was spinning in indecision, but she helped me focus, get clear on what I want, and turn my ideas into aligned action.

In just 1 month of working together, I created my signature offer, I got clarity on my business model and I'm already getting valuable leads.

Ioana Patale, Burnout Coach

See those testimonials? Those coaches all have different businesses, and here’s why we made magic for all of them:

Using the 5 C’s framework for a booked out coaching business:

1. Commitment

You know there’s no quick fix or secret you've missed out on. There's no magic pill. Instead, you're committed to your own vision of success and the magic of consistently working towards that vision over time. You know deep in your gut that with consistency and determination, your vision of success is inevitable. This is all about having the consistent mindset needed to keep working towards your dream -- without impatience or hurry.

2. Clarity

You’re going to get crystal clear on who you help, how you help them, and what your clients are thinking -- so you can speak directly to them and cut through all the noise. With this clarity, you stop second guessing your message and start being consistent in your content, your copy, your signature program (!!!!) and how you show up for your potential clients. 

3. Constraint

You’ll create your ONE signature program that your clients really want AND that you love to sell. Creating a signature program has allowed my clients to easily raise their rates while signing more clients. Having one signature program gives you the time and energy to perfect it over time, so every client you serve becomes a raving fan.

You’ll also create a sales page for your program that you’re so dang proud of, and through that process, you’ll know why YOU are the absolute best coach for your ideal clients. So when you start getting consults, you’re no longer terrified of saying the wrong thing or messing up -- you know you’re a great coach they’d be lucky to work with!

4. Consistency

No more doing ALL THE THINGS to get yourself in front of new clients -- or hiding away and just hoping someone finds you. In the Cocoon, you’ll create a simple, strengths-based marketing plan you can easily stay consistent with -- because consistency naturally builds that “know, like, and trust” factor every other online marketer loves to overcomplicate -- AND it helps you market yourself better and in less time too!

5. Client experience

This method isn’t JUST about booking yourself out as a coach; it’s about helping your clients have a transformative experience they can’t help but share with their friends and family. From their first interaction with you as an ideal client to their final session, your clients will feel cared for and well-served -- without you needing to budge on your boundaries! By implementing better boundaries and systems, you can book out your coaching business --- without any panic or burnout!

and here's why it works

You’ll have access to 6 months of dripped content and exercises, where we’ll dig deep into:

Your vision = Staying committed to what YOU want for your business and gut-checking every decision so that you stay on track with your values, from how you serve your clients to how you market your services.

Who you help + how you help = Your unique signature program, which serves your clients to the very highest standards AND makes you more money for all that value you’re giving

Your strengths + your skills = Your marketing formula. Your formula is simple, doable, and easy to stick with so that you can easily grow over time.

Your boundaries + your systems = You CAN feel peaceful with a totally booked-out coaching calendar!

Because we need a recap of all this gloriousness, right?!

Lemme in the Cocoon!

And you’ll have feedback and support all the way through

The Coaching Cocoon is for the coach who is ready to find their unique, perfect-fit approach to business.

Two hour group coaching calls, held twice a month via Zoom.

Monthly office hours, with two hours of additional live support.

A private online community, for even MORE support and feedback.

APPlications are now closed.

You'll emerge from the Cocoon with:

A clear problem statement, niche, and solution - truly the backbone of your business.

Your signature coaching program - designed to work for your business and your life, whether you want 1:1 clients, a group program, or any other coaching program you can dream up!

Time to examine boundaries and scope of work, because rushing very rarely leads to real success. 

Super solid systems and processes in place for a kick-ass client experience.

An individualized marketing plan to fill your calendar with consults or your inbox with new applications.

Readiness to be a fully booked coach, without scrambling as your client slots fill up!

We start in October.
Are you ready to cozy up in the Cocoon?

Tell me how!

Okay, but how much is it?

$4500 paid in full OR $750/month for 6 months

If you pay in full, you'll also get two 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls with me as a bonus!

Gasp! I included the investment on the website!

I'm ready to join the Coaching Cocoon!

$4500 paid in full OR $750/month for6 months

If you pay in full, you'll also get two 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls with me as a bonus!


How much time will I need to spend on this each month?


The trainings are designed to be as short, sweet, and no-fluff as possible, so you can quickly take action and create results. Each month’s trainings are a total of no more than 1 hour, broken down into easy-to-digest snippets. Because we all have short attention spans now - I blame TikTok!

At most, the exercises will take 1-2 hours each month, along with ~4 hours of group coaching calls. This brings us to a total of 5-6 hours max monthly. But the really good news: This work is truly foundational, and once it’s done (and done well!), it keeps paying off for years to come in your business. There's also plenty of time to implement on purpose, in case you need it.

I’ve never coached a paying client before, is this still a good investment for me?


This a tough one to answer! It depends on your resourcefulness and ability to take action. If you want a step-by-step, “show me *exactly* how to do this” template for business, this program is not the best fit. This program focuses on overall strategy more than “how-to” tactics. A good benchmark: If you’re already creating content fairly easily, can update your website, know how to take payments -- the really foundational stuff -- you’re probably good to join! And just apply and we can chat more to be 110% sure!

What if I don’t know my niche?


That’s okay! In fact, we’ll get clear as Martha Stewart’s crystal on your ideal client, the problem your coaching solves for them, and how to design a program that deeply serves your clients in a way that’s sustainable for you. BUT -- if you have ZERO idea of who you coach, or you’ve never had a client at all, this program probably isn’t the best fit for you! If you’re worried, just apply and we can make sure first.

When are the coaching calls?


Every cohort will only have 8 coaches, so I’ll survey everyone to find a time that works best for the majority of the group. Calls will run from mid-October through mid-April, avoiding holidays where necessary. Note: I will do my very best to take everyone’s schedules into consideration, but I’m only human! You may have to be a bit flexible to make it work. If you're worried about this, just email me! I'll do everything I can to make it work for everyone (this is also why I ask about your time zone in the application!)

What if I can’t make a call?


No worries! That’s the way life goes, right? All calls will be recorded and you can always ask for help in the community too. However, if you already know you’ll miss most of the calls, you may have a harder time given that you’ll have less 1:1 coaching that happens on the group calls.

What if I'm not a coach?


It depends! Are you a consultant, healer, strategist, or “coach-adjacent” service provider? If so, the framework still works with your business! Definitely apply and we’ll make sure it’s a good fit for you.

Do you offer refunds?


Because this program is the culmination of years of my experience and education and contains my intellectual property, I do not offer refunds.

The coaches who get the best results have committed to the process fully. And because this is such a high-touch program with very small cohorts, I expect that every coach is 100% committed to the program, and the sustainability of my business depends on that commitment. 

I’ve been burned by other coaches, I’m scared!


Mmm-hmm. I’ve been burned before too, so I get it and I'm really sorry!! First, go back and read through all those testimonials above, and next, check out my interviews with past clients to help reassure you:

My podcast interview with my client Julie Stevigny
My podcast interview with my client Laura Ann Dunn
My IGTV interview with my client Maggie Supernova
My podcast interview with my client Kristianna George

And know this, if you show up and do the work, your business will change in amazing ways. I’ll never promise you a certain income amount or number of clients -- because I’m no psychic! -- but if you do the work and stay consistent with your marketing, you WILL gain traction you haven’t had before!

What if I already have a signature coaching program?


Woo! That's awesome! You can use The Coaching Cocoon framework, feedback, and support to make your program even better, serve your clients better, AND market it in a way that feels like home for you. You're still welcome in the Cocoon!

In just 3 months, you can:

The coaching cocoon is for me!

Know exactly what you're working towards

The hours you want to work, the kind of coaching you want to do, and what you want your life to look like - so you can easily stay on course and know what’s right for you.

Know your ideal client like your BFF

Their problems, their biggest wishes, and what they most want from your coaching - so you can easily create community and stronger connections with them.

Create your own kick-butt signature program 

A program that feels SO good for you to run AND that clients get all up in your DMs for. And honestly, what’s better than that?!

And in 6 months, you can:

Market that program like a total boss

But NOT a boss babe, because eww. You’ll have a simple marketing formula that works like a dream for you, based on your strengths and skills.

Have your clients become raving fans for life

Without sacrificing yourself in the process because you have clear boundaries and systems that make it easy as pie for you.

I get it! I’ve been there too many times to count! It can feel a bit scary to invest your time, energy, and money into your business -- even when your gut is saying “HELLLOOOO! Sign up already!!”

If you’re feeling the pull to join the Cocoon, I recommend applying. Applying doesn’t lock you in, it just gives us both a chance to make sure this is the best fit for you and your business right now. I never, ever, ever pressure. Pinky promise.

Need a little help getting off the fence???

I'm ready to apply!