8 weeks of group coaching to heal your burnout, reconnect with your soul’s purpose, and reignite your spark

You’re tired of feeling hollowed out, full of dread, and completely purposeless. You drag yourself out of bed after hitting the snooze button 500 times to face the work you REALLY don’t feel like doing anymore.

You’re sick of carrying around the emotional baggage of burnout. It’s not even cute-dog-in-a-handbag baggage – it’s 10 giant trunks of shiz. It's like you're slogging through thick mud with a billion pounds of guilt and shame packed in those bags…

You’re always whining about how much you hate that client with the constant last minute requests, and you hate that you feel frustrated and cynical all the dang time. What happened to that sparkly, half-glass-full woman you used to be?? Let’s be real, she’s probably buried in that thick-ass mud...That is NOT the mud bath you had in mind!

You feel directionless. Nothing really excites you except the idea of taking a nap or skipping work to watch Working Moms and eat ice cream all day. There’s a bowl of Cherry Garcia and a well-worn spot on the couch with YOUR name on it every single night. Even your dog is starting to judge your affinity for your couch. 

You want to be more productive, but you’re overwhelmed by it all. On “good” days, you’ll make it through a good chunk of to-do items only to be buried again the next day. It feels like all of your effort doesn’t make a dent. And it really sucks when you find yourself red-eyed at your laptop at midnight wondering why you didn’t make the progress you thought you would that day.

You’re desperate for connection and understanding, but you don’t know where to find it. Your friends and family just say to get another job already or to buck up -- “Work is work! It’s not meant to be fun!!” Instead, you find yourself dodging your Aunt Sally’s questions about your life and avoiding calls from work like they’re the plague. Maybe if you don’t pick up, they don’t exist?!

You want your life back. You want your SPARK back. You want to be that woman who used to feel so passionate, who loved her work, who SHOWED UP and cared deeply about making a difference. You want to feel on fire about your life again instead of just grinding through each day and dreading tomorrow.

You think back (with total disbelief) at the woman you USED to be. You were creative, you had BIG ideas and went after them. You feel so disgusted that she’s a distant memory.

8 weeks of group coaching to heal your burnout, reconnect with your soul’s purpose, and reignite your spark

You bounce out of bed in the morning, excited for your day ahead. Instead of the Sunday Scaries, you have “Magic Mondays” (Yes, I did make that up, but you can make it a real thing!) -- knowing what to focus on and when, feeling good about your work, and actually knowing when enough is enough.

You feel reassured and relaxed, because you know who you are, what you want, and how to get it, without having it take over your whole life. You feel connected with your purpose like you used to connect with Ben & Jerry’s and a Netflix binge -- you’ll be lit up about your life again.

You get your creative mojo back. Remember that woman who used to kick ass and take names? Yep, you’re back. And instead of hustling for your worth, you’re more creative, more confident, and you actually have fun every day. Remember fun?? She misses you!

And you have a community there with you every step of the way - to cheer you on, to celebrate your wins, and to watch you transform into that woman you used to be -- but even better because you’ll know how to never burn out ever again.

Imagine getting the fire in your belly back…

Sound familiar?

The last time you felt relaxed was...oh wait, you can’t even remember. Maybe kindergarten if we’re honest? Ever since then, you’ve been working your ass off – getting the “good” grades, getting into the “good” school, landing a “good” job, marrying a “good” man…

You’ve started to procrastinate so much you think that maybe you should burn your to-do list and just start life over (if only it were that easy, right??). You know you need to get things done, but you just can’t reconcile those reports again -- you just can’t! And if Julia from accounting asks you one. more. time. about the ETA, you might go AWOL.

You feel so worn down, like you could sleep for MONTHS and not feel rested, your bed is oh-so-softly whispering your name all day…

You used to have passion, to get fired up and riled up. But now you barely even get excited about Donut Tuesday. And you’re secretly jealous of your friends who love their work while meanwhile you're spending hours vision boarding and pinning and plotting to recreate even a drop of that magic for yourself. But…it ain’t working. You wonder how you  got so off track!

That's where I come in!

Hi! I'm Stacie!

I help high achieving women manage their stress, overcome burnout, and love their work again. They feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and tired of all the stress and hustle. I help them get their spark back so they can kick ass in jobs and businesses they adore - and have way more fun doing it. I've helped enough clients to know -- you CAN feel better! Let's do this!



Let's get your spark back!

spark+soul will help you:





Uncover the hidden causes of your burnout and fix them.
Get to the root cause of the sneaky little thing that caused your burnout and fix it fast. You'll break free from the burnout cycle you're stuck in so it never sneaks up on you again. (You'd be surprised how many people stay stuck!)

Rediscover play and fun.
Remember what it was like to play and lose hours of time as a kid? Yeah, we’re getting you back to that feeling. No more waiting until tomorrow or for vacation or for retirement to have fun, you can have it TODAY.

Bounce back from stress.
You know how some people seem like Energizer Bunnies -- like anything could be thrown their way and they can happily hop around it with grace and serenity? That could be you! Next time, Rita comes around with her fundraiser du jour, you’ll be a freakin’ Zen master.


Discover how to be productive and successful without working
 all the dang time.

No more feeling like you’ll never dig out of the mountains of lists, notes, and to-dos. You’ll know where to focus and what to work on to get shiz done. You can hang out with your family without yelling at them to pick up their dang stuff already. You can focus on a new hobby without feeling guilty about everything else you “should” be doing.

apply now!

Create a roadmap for what you really want -- and know how to get there without all the hustle and stress.
Want to start a business? Want to change jobs? Ready to go back to school? Want to rock it out in your current work? You can! And without all the overwhelm and confusion of the past.

What's included?

8 weeks of exclusive content and exercises to absolutely transform your life. 

Wanna hear something that’ll blow your mind? The content and exercises I’ll teach you can dramatically improve your life…in as little as 2 weeks. No, this isn’t some infomercial. It’s just that this isn’t surface level.... this is dig deep, reflect on your SOUL, make changes for GOOD kind of work.

Weekly 90 minute group coaching calls. 

Each week you’ll get live group coaching with me: This is the time for you to dig into the weekly content and exercises, to be coached on where you’re stuck, and to have your big “a-ha” moments. The best part of group coaching: You’ll learn from each other’s coaching as much as you’ll learn from your own. And because I keep my groups small, you’ll always get time with me. Can’t make a week? Every session will be recorded so you can watch later (you can even submit a question for me to answer during the call if you can’t be there!). 

A private Facebook community of super supportive souls.

Need support in-between coaching calls? You got it! You can ask questions in our private Facebook community just for this group. This is the perfect place for quick coaching in-between our weekly calls. I’ll be in the group to coach you, and you’ll have the other spark + soul members to lean on too. 

Program Week Overview

Change your thoughts, change your life!
In this module, we’ll dig into how to coach yourself through the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in burnout. You’ll learn how to stop seeing all the negatives of your life and to start seeing the resources and the possibilities available to you. 

week 1

Bounce back from stress
Ever wonder how some people manage stress so well, like those characters on soap operas that die and come back to life over and over again, it’s like nothing gets them down? This module will cover my tips and tricks for building up your resilience -- your bounceback formula -- so you can bounce back from stress wayyyyy faster than before.

week 2

Real productivity
Almost everyone who feels burned out feels like they struggle to get things done and still find balance. We’ll take 2 weeks to figure out what’s out-of-balance for you and where you can make the biggest amount of difference in your work, in the least amount of time -- because who doesn’t want to kick butt at work and only work 40 hours (or less!) a week?

weeks 3 + 4

 Reconnecting with play and creativity
Burnout can rob us of our creativity, our fun, and well -- just plain being able to enjoy ourselves! But just like Stella (and your 78-year-old next-door neighbor who just got married again…to a dude half her age…), we can totally get our groove back. And it doesn’t require learning any crazy dance moves either!

week 5

Figuring out what’s next
What do you most want for your life? What’s next for your career or business? How can you know what you really want? We’ll dig into this in Module 6 so you can be 100% confident and clear in what you want next.

week 6

 Creating a roadmap for what you want
Just knowing what you want isn’t enough. You need a clear roadmap for how to get there. This week, we’ll plan it out so that you never take a wrong turn on Burnout Blvd or Passionless Lover’s Lane ever again.

week 7

Getting what you want without burnout
How can you be successful and get more of what you want -- without ever burning out again? This week sets you up for a lifetime of success. You’re banning burnout from your life FOR GOOD!

week 8


Every participant will get a secret care package from me before the program begins with my favorite books and a few other fun surprises! 

I'm in!

“I started working with Stacie because I felt burned out for so long, like something obviously had to change, and like everything I'd tried so far wasn't working! Our first conversation alone was freeing, practical, supportive, and inspiring. Stacie really cares about her clients' health and happiness. I felt like she saw me, understood me, and was completely able to relate and help guide me forward. Stacie has gone above and beyond with all other conversations, calls, emails, and resources, and I can't wait to work more with her! My first month-long experience with her gave me wildly clarifying and mind-blowing insights into how and why and when I became burned out and what to do about it. I learned just how much my THOUGHTS affect everything, and that is changing my life. This coaching has been a powerful help in getting me unstuck. If you're considering working with Stacie, I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
Bri Brubaker

"My first month-long experience with her gave me wildly clarifying and mind-blowing insights into how and why and when I became burned out and what to do about it."

"Working with Stacie was life-giving! She was able to help me go from overwhelmed and confused to calm and focused. I went from working my 9-5 in marketing to taking the leap into being a wellness coach and she helped make that a reality. I originally wanted to work with her because I needed someone to help me go after what I wanted without the hustle and burnout - and she was the perfect one to guide me through it. I encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and burned out and is looking for clarity and focus to connect with Stacie. It's an investment in yourself and your passions and peace of mind - you really can't put a price on that! Your future self will thank you."
Kristianna George

"I encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and burned out and is looking for clarity and focus to connect with Stacie."

"Stacie is awesome! She introduced me to incredible new concepts and totally blew my mind with thought work, getting out of victim mentality and how to take back control of my life. I never knew that I had the control all along. Now I know I do. I highly recommend Stacie to anyone. If you’re on the fence about a life coach, go for it. The only thing you have to lose is your problems."
 Sarah Ann Schultz

"Stacie introduced me to incredible new concepts and totally blew my mind with thought work, getting out of victim mentality and how to take back control of my life."

You can finally get your spark back. You can feel like yourself again -- only better.

Investment: $444*
 *early bird pricing only through July 7th!
Please note: refunds are not available for this program.