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You don't have to Try so hard. I promise.

If you're sick of never escaping from your goals and always feeling that internal pressure and worry, I can help you rediscover who you really are so you can start living by your own rules and finally find the peace and contentment you've been searching for.

Have you ever looked around at your life and wondered, "How did I end up here?" You're not alone. I spent years of my life concerned with doing the "right thing," checking off the boxes of a "good life," and never feeling any satisfaction. I was playing by the rules, but I never felt satisfied. I was all consumed with being more, doing more, and being "better," all to escape from my feelings of worry and anxiety.

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.”
― Lily Tomlin

I've been that strung-out-on-accolades-and-praise overachiever. The one who never celebrates her victories and just keeps on to the next goal, the one just out of reach, the one that will make it all better. But guess what? It never does.


BEat Anxiety and overwhelm and build a life you never need to escape from


 deep dig, discover what you really want, and design your most authentic, Anxiety-proof life


transforming from High FUNCTIONING Anxiety to getting what i want without the fear & Worry

Maybe you can relate:  I am a reformed "good girl," a.k.a. overachieving people pleaser, always on the lookout for another achievement "high" or accolade (though I would have never admitted to it!). I did things "right": said the right things, played by the rules, and got what I wanted - or at least what I thought I wanted. And it left me feeling empty, overworked, and burned out. My accomplishments never felt like enough, and my anxious thoughts were right under the surface when I slowed down (most people never even knew!).

As soon as I reached a goal, I moved directly onto the next thing I wanted to improve about myself. I had high functioning anxiety: I was fueled by my anxiety. Until I realized I had it all wrong my entire life: Showing up just as myself and slowing way the eff down gave me tremendous power over my life. I just need to be me and be fully present, always. Because being "me" is where the magic is. What if just showing up is the missing ingredient?

Pizza addict, world traveler, Enneagram type 3, hesitant hiker, and dedicated Mini Aussie Mom (yes, I'm one of those people) 

hi, i'm Stacie!

I am absolutely sick of the hustle mindset.   So today, I’m talking to you about Why we Don’t Need to Hustle Harder: Why I Hate the Hustle Mindset. It’s all of the entrepreneurs telling you that you need to work harder to get ahead, to try a new marketing strategy, “don’t fall behind!”, that taking […]

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Grace Beason, Relationship Coach

"Thanks to Stacie's thoughtful and experienced coaching, I have been able to move forward with a new career with much less fear and worry than I would have otherwise felt. Her bright smile, calm demeanor, and mindful, heartfelt approach creates a wonderful, safe space where you feel heard, empowered, bolstered, and loved."

Rebecca Levine,
Event Planner

Stacie meets you where you are - and believes each individual is meant to be great in our own way. What I learned is that the answers have been with me all along, I just didn't know where to look. Stacie helped me dig deep and come out stronger. In just ONE MONTH of working with Stacie, I went went from exhausting a lot of energy trying to prove myself to owning that I AM an event planner.  I feel that confidence everywhere I go now and no longer need to prove myself. And I got my dream job offer!

Kathleen O'Grady,
Coach & Founder of Raleigh Coaching Academy

"It's difficult to put into words the brilliance of Stacie Mitchell. She's one of those people who can make you feel safe enough to do and say silly or awkward things, and before you know it, she has you believing you are the most polished professional there is. In other words, Stacie is capable of shining her bright light on even the scariest topics and moments in life, to illuminate the hidden treasures just seemingly out of reach. Her gift of coaching is one that I am honored to have experienced." 

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