Burnout Coach for High Achievers - Stacie Mitchell

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My first month-long experience with her gave me wildly clarifying and mind-blowing insights into how and why and when I became burned out and what to do about it. This coaching has been a powerful help in getting me unstuck.

 I went from working 9-5 in marketing to taking the leap into being a wellness coach.  She helped me do this without all the hustle and burnout. It's an investment in yourself,  your passions, & your peace of mind - you really can't put a price on that!

Stacie is awesome! Stacie introduced me to incredible new concepts and totally blew my mind with thought work, getting out of victim mentality and how to take back control of my life. I highly recommend Stacie to anyone.

In just ONE MONTH of working with Stacie, I went went from exhausting a lot of energy trying to prove myself to owning that I AM an event planner. I feel that confidence everywhere I go now and no longer need to prove myself. And I got my dream job offer!

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